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How much of your day is DESTROYED by early emails?

I used to have to go into the office an hour and a half early in order to check my emails, respond, and rearrange my day due to another email that is suggesting an emergency of some sort that requires immediate attention. I complained about how my work was not getting done due to having to respond to other situations and help out as a team player because of blah blah blah blah…I was totally compelled to do other work that was not my work and the email was my excuse. This was a terrible excuse. In looking for a solution I came across the 60-60-30 method by Eben Pagan. Feel free to look this up as this blog is not intended to promote this method, but more to demonstrate a realistic situation.

The key to the 60-60-30 method is to block off your day into time segments of uninterrupted work. UNINTERRUPTED work. I cannot say that this will be the answer for you, the 60-60-30 method did not work for me in my situation, however the premise did. The KEY to this working regardless of how you want to block off your time is this: Do not check your email, voice messages, or text messages until you have the first part of your day completed. For me, this meant after lunch. The funny thing was that my work was done now before lunch and the other work was much easier to prioritize. For the most part, the BS work that was being dumped on me at the start of the day that did not help me produce income disappeared. Not only was I able to make my day better, but then I ended up with more time to find more business and become even more productive than my competition.

So, how much of your day is DESTROYED by early emails? It’s painful to realize the truth, but such a relief to resolve it. Give it a shot, you will not regret it.


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How to use a business card, v.card, contact exchange.

99% of the time, it is easy to tell the difference between a true professional and a wanna-be.  It’s totally in how the INFORMATION is exchanged.  My card for your card, my data for your data is the norm, but the true professional goes the extra mile.  Little things like asking the new contact for alternative email addresses or verifying phone extensions, even bumping phones via Bluetooth (there is a reason for this tool).  Getting more that just a phone or extension by asking to connect via LinkedIn or Twitter.  The true professionals are usually engaging to get the access that is NOT already on the card or easily accessed.

The “Key” here is to have the total ability to control the direction of the communication.  If you give your card out in jest, who controls who calls whom?  Not you.  If you just get the standard information on the card, who do you get when you use that data?  The same gate-keeper system that is set up to keep everyone out but those that are wanted…ie. Not you.  Simple, get the information and get the information that is not readily available and you have access.  Not only that, but you have access that is not being competed for.  Success knows success by the means of the request for the “gate-keeper” by pass request.  Like a nasty little secret.

Now for those in sales that are giving business cards to prospects, simple suggestion: Only give a card to those that provide their contact data to you.  Simply because you, as the sales person, must be the person in control of the communication.  In case you haven’t noticed, you will give out a huge amount of cards to get one piece of business and it’s most likely NOT due to them having the card.  Simple rule, don,t give a card unless you are use two cards…one to give and one to write the prospects data on.  Again, if you don’t have their data, who is calling whom?  When?

Do you control the ability to communicate with those whom you have met?  If not, that’s a problem.

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