“Apple nears incredible milestone, coming just shy of $100 billion in cash on hand. Hoard is worth more than all but 52 companies on Earth.” So everyone else owning a company, in hundreds of nations, should just give up, eh? And are many of those 52 tech firms, or is it all old-school manufacturing or oil industry? That would be more illuminating.

Apple sold more iPhones per day than babies were born. That’s pretty impressive, and means Junior should line up for his iPhone right now! Until you remember that maybe Lego sold more than that, or that the number of toilet rolls sold each day could reach the moon and back (or other equally odd comparisons).

“Apple now worth more than projected Singapore economy (318 billion) in 2016.” Okay, which means it beats Singapore’s economy already…Unless the small nation’s economy is in some kind of decline? Which is clearly not the case.

“$AAPL’s cash is worth 2,000 tons of gold. (please forgive me @Morgan_03)” Call in Scrooge McDuck—we’re ready for some cash pile diving! But since a ton of gold is a cube just over 14 inches on a side, it wouldn’t really be that big a pile.

Apple’s profits are also about 30% bigger for the last quarter than Google’s entire revenue.

From Apple’s Earnings By The (Holy S*%#!) Numbers (via fastcompany)

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